Bergson Strategies, LLC
501 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10017
Phone: 212-867-4312

Global Perspectives in Commercial Real Estate

Bergson Strategies, LLC, a NY corporation founded by Paul Cohen - located at 501 Fifth Ave. in NYC - is a multi-faceted commercial real estate firm fully licensed by the State of New York. This company services corporate America and various international entities hailing from Europe, Asia, South and Latin America, and Canada.

Bergson Strategies, LLC is named in honor of the late Peter Bergson, the unsung world-war II hero and gadfly, who rattled the American public by publicizing the ravages of the Holocaust taking place in Europe. For a full profile of Peter Bergson, click here for the NY Times article of Aug. 20, 2001.

What We Do Best

We design long-term and short-term real estate strategies and solutions for corporate tenants and landlords seeking to maximize value through our agency brokerage, research and consulting.

Range of activities encompasses commercial leases and analyses, subleases, assignments, asset acquisitions and sales, marketing and repositioning strategies.

In addition, we undertake ad hoc commercial leasing and consulting assignments for corporate tenants and landlords, and rely heavily on time - tested team approach to market research. Underlying said research is the entire gamut of crucial parameters set by our clients. Those parameters are fed into a specialized and highly integrated computer program which adds immeasurably to the quality of our research. Furthermore, the research output is then juxtaposed squarely against prevailing commercial leasing cost paradigms in various segments and then matched with our Corporate Affordability Index.

But, pray tell, what does it all mean?

Simple: We save you money and spare you the agony that invariably results from mediocrity.

Our Corporate Culture


Our collaborative environment encompassing research and seamless information - flow provide for high quality output.

Our open and state of the art IT platform provides for efficient and timely trouble-shooting and problem-solving.

Most of all - we are truly about choice.

The complexities and dynamics of the commercial real estate arena require that, at a minimum, we come up with options and choices. After all, every problem is unique and requires a carefully molded customized solution.


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